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We all know the basics of Sex-ED101. It's time graduate to the Sex-ED102TV/Radio Talk Show. The "NEW" captivating talk show that's covers your issues on love, sex and relationships.

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Welcome to Sex-ED102TV, created and produced by Saxy Butler,  and Exec. Producers, Allen J. Williams and  Marion Y. Thomas.  It's the new captivating talk show that shares insight surrounding the important issues of  sexual health care, love, sex and relationships. 

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 ASK THE RIGHT QUESTION TO IDENTIFY SEXUAL DYSFUNCTIONS. We encourage you to call your healthcare provider or therapist today.

Tamar Was Raped Again

We all have heard the sad biblical story of Amon and Tamar 2 Samuel 13. A tale of rape. The story of a sister

Art of Attraction

I think a principal inquiry confronted by men in the quest for drawing in ladies is: Can pulling in ladies be found out?

Sex and holiday stress don’t always mix

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a reset button on holiday stress-induced tension and conflict?

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Saxy Butler (aka SaxyB) is the host on Sex-ED102 TV/Radio Talk Show, the comedienne, host and Producer is known for her blunt humor and abrasiveness, and she is definitely not afraid to say whatever is on her mind. A subtly guiding presence, SaxyB serves as the moderator on Sex-ED102 TV/Radio Talk Show panel, without appearing domineering or pushy.



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Sperm count is on the Low and affecting humanity. By: The Hebrew University


It's time to graduate to a talk shows with both essential ingredient of daytime tv and radio, with more topics on love, sex and relationships.         We provide traditional informative and clinical information surrounding your issues of love, sex and relationships, incorporating your Sexual Health care tips, updates 

and breaking news.


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