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Traditional talk shows have become an essential ingredient of daytime radio, but topics on love, sex and relationships, which combine traditional informative and clinical information with medical and counseling services, have not been widely incorporated. Sex-Ed102 TV/Radio is becoming a world-renowned benchmark, for this rapidly emerging radio talk-show alternative. Producer Saxy Butler and Executive Producers Allen Williams and Marion Thomas, firmly believes that the market is open as never before for novel talk show programming.

The Sex-ED102 TV/Radio Talk Show panelist consists of expert therapist and counselors specializing in marriage, relationships, sex, and mental therapy. Our experts are certified and have counseling credentialing, all maintaining associated degrees and are currently running a counseling practice. All able to provide creditable information for our viewers. Sex-ED102 TV/Radio Talk Show provides a new alternative for a growing number of American and international consumers who value lifestyle information. Delivered with informative, clinical and creditable counseling from the expert in the field of relationship counseling.

Angelia S. Butler, Creator, Producer a 20 year veteran in the entertainment, television and music industry is the Owner/Operating Manager of TSB Productions, Creator of SEX-ED102 TV/Radio Talk Show with Allen J. Williams and Marion Y. Thomas Executive Producer; both seven year veteran of the television and entertainment industry. Managing Partner of TSB Production, LLC. We aim to produce an award winning talk show.

Allen J. Williams, Executive Producer
Executive Producer of Sex-ED102TV Radio Talk Show. Co-Producer/Set Designer of The VIP Hide-Away Entertainment Show, Co-Producing Mr. Pay My Rent and Put A Bow On It USA, Native of Macon, Georgia and seven year veteran of the television and entertainment industry. Managing Partner of TSB Marketing & Production LLC.

Sex-ED102TV Radio targets powerful and diverse audience segments.

Sex-ED102 TV/Radio Talk Show will have a human perspective that empowers thought and action.


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It's time to graduate to a talk shows with both essential ingredient of daytime tv and radio, with more topics on love, sex and relationships.         We provide traditional informative and clinical information surrounding your issues of love, sex and relationships, incorporating your Sexual Health care tips, updates 

and breaking news.


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