12 Reasons Sex Can make you Beautiful

By Kumar Gnanajothi


Tune into Sex-ED102TV Talk Show and get beauty tips from our experts. Learn 12 reasons why having sex makes you look beautiful:

1. Sex makes you glow
2. Sex reduces stress
3. Orgasms flatten your belly
4. Sex makes you happier
5. Sex makes you look years younger and live longer
6. Enhances your breasts
7. Sexual activity releases pheromones
8. Sex increases intimacy
9. Sex improves sleep
10. Makes you a better person
11. Sex ignites your confidence
12. Sex improves overall well – being


It’s time for our ‪#‎SexED102TV‬ POP QUIZ: No answer is wrong so please feel free to share your insight on these very important questions. 1. Why Do Some Women Hate Performing Oral Sex? 2. Why do men favor Oral Sex? Pens up let the test began.

It’s pre-season for Sex-ED102TV Talkshow. From concept to reality. In my wildest dreams I never thought I would be creating or producing a television show on Sex-Education. Our pre-season has been like a roller coaster. I would titled this “Growing Pains”. Let me tell you our first pre-taping was crazy and a disappointment for me. The content was there the quailfied/certifed panel of experts were there - but the quality of our set design, taping and editing was just awful. It was rated an (8) eight. After trying it again we starting having some unexpected changes with our cast members a few times too many - but we finally developed a system that will keep the show moving forward.
There were times when I felt that this isn’t a good idea. It was time to graduate even though I came across my own family values, privacy, religious and political issues. Instead of caving into the negative our crew and producers remained focused and are working harder to provide the best in quality programming, resourceful information and a ton of fun. Personally I feel that this is going to become a great first season. Our content is informative, we have a professional yet hot and sexy set, plus surspising celebrity guest along wiht some outragous surpises for our guest audience members. II want to thank our supporter, new found fans and a special thank you to our crew (especally Abe Lee) and producers Al Williams, Mr. Hartwell and Mr. Brooks. Just think this is just the beginning!

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