Cultivating Healthy Relationships to Cultivate Healthy Communities

By Karthick Boomirajan

I am so excited about our new show. I have been receiving an overwhelming number of emails thanking us for developing this show. Your email has giving me insightful information about your relationships and some of the subject you would like for us to cover. Thank you for sharing some of your funny, touching and yes shocking stories about your relationships. I will try my best to cover your most concerning issues. We all thank you for your support. I never realized how many issues that surrounds sex, love and relationship effects our life immensely until the development of this show. There are so many questions and valid concerns that we have teamed up with Certified Institutes, doctors and expert therapist that specialized in Marriage/Relationship and Sex counseling and therapy. They will assist us with providing the best information and help needed that will assist us and our viewers maintain healthy relationships. Our show will save relationship and more importantly lives.

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Sperm count is on the Low and affecting humanity. By: The Hebrew University



It's time to graduate to a talk shows with both essential ingredient of daytime tv and radio, with more topics on love, sex and relationships.         We provide traditional informative and clinical information surrounding your issues of love, sex and relationships, incorporating your Sexual Health care tips, updates 

and breaking news.


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