Is Social Networking Destroying Marriages?

By Karthick Boomirajan

According to a story on PI Newswire:

A recent study shows as many as one in five divorce filings cite problems on Facebook or other social networking websites. In Rochester, marriage counselors are sending a warning to even happily married couples: Facebook and other social media affairs are threatening healthy couples, too.
Even though the rate of divorce in the US has remained largely stable in recent years, American divorce lawyers and academics have joined Middle East analysts in picking out Social media networks as the leading cause of relationship trouble, with American lawyers now demanding to see their clients’ Facebook pages as a matter of course before the start of proceedings.
In fact, in a recent American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers study, 66% of divorce attorneys surveyed said Facebook was their primary online resource for case evidence. And 81% “have seen an increase in the number of cases using social networking evidence during the past five years.”
All social media site, have more than 350 million active users, is mentioned by name in almost 20% of divorce petitions, according to Divorce-Online.
Maybe they should change the marriage vows to include, “until social media do us part.
In our next post we will give you tips that will keep your marriage safe from social media divorce.

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