Our Favorite & Best Rated Vegan Condoms

By Karthick Boomirajan

Vegan’s are practicing safe sex, with the latest in safe and natural condoms. No animal testing or animal products during their manufacturing
Luckily, there are plenty of brands out there for the socially conscious and Vegan condoms cost about the same as other condoms, but cost varies from brand to brand.
#1 Glyde condoms: currently registered as vegan with The Society Originally from Australia and only recently brought to the US, GLYDE condoms are available in three different sizes: Slimfit (small), Ultra(medium), and Maxi (large). They even have flavored condoms!
#2 Durex Avanti Ultima condom: Formulated as a Vegan Product - not registered with The Vegan Society.
#3 Sir Richard’s Condoms: Promoted as being condoms for a cause. (thin, ribbed, dotted, and large)
#4 Kimono brand condoms: latex-free, they are casein-free.
If you have a Vegan line of lubricants, condoms or other contraception product, please contact us about listing your product with Sex-ED102TV Talk Show.

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