By Karthick Boomirajan


This year the “Official Condom Tester Pool” consisted of regular customers that were asked to sample forty of our best condoms. The forty condoms they received were decided by combining top selling condoms with the ratings receive from customers via online reviews and adding a couple of new product offerings to that list. The official condom tester team was made up of folks from a varied segment of the population including, Florida swingers clubs, students from various universities and one hundred couples of various ages and sexual orientations. This year the total testing pool consisted of 250 people.

Official’s announced that the New product offerings from Trojan came with little more than the usual multi-million dollar marketing hype. The same complaints about the product range: “Thick-feeling,” “Nasty latex smell,” and “Why are twelve pack boxes now ten pack boxes?” being the most prevalent. Shockingly, that makes it the 7th consecutive year the marketing machine at Trojan Condoms did not score well. Most of their products scoring in the bottom half in most metrics. UNBELIEVABLE!
Condom Depot’s mission has always been to create condom awareness and promote the use of condoms as a birth control method and the most reliable method to reduce the risk of being infected by the many number of Sexually Transmitted Infections.
One fact that stands out above and beyond any other: condom use is most effected by the feel or comfort the condoms offers both partners. Interestingly, a condom’s reliability takes second place to actual feel.
Condom Depot is not letting the cat out of the bag with that statement however there is one problem. Where do you find that information? And is the information you do find TRULY unbiased? Or is it some advertorial pushing a brand? God knows, you can never seem to find actual product reviews that are legitimate on Google anymore.
That’s where Condom Depot comes in. This year marks the 15th consecutive year that has invested the time, effort and money into discovering what our customers are looking for. What they like. What they try. What they re-order. What their partner likes. What they hate. Their business is based on educating customers which in turn drives in business. Do not worry, is a Full Line Master Distributor. Meaning, they carry EVERY Condom Brand that matters. Therefore the results are fair and accurate.

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