States That Don't Require Sex Education

By Kumar Gnanajothi


Schools are meant to provide us with the education and information that we need for the rest of our lives. We learn so many topics in school from biology to algebra to literature. But why is it so hard for many schools to teach us the things that we absolutely need to know when it comes to sexuality education?
Sex Ed Is Helpful, not Harmful
When students aren’t learning what they need to learn in school, then they find out the information from outside sources including friends, the media and porn. These sources can be unreliable and can give teens inaccurate information about sexuality.
State laws that limit what teens can learn in the classroom or misinform them about birth control, safer sex and sexual orientation can do much more harm and cause confusion. These laws mean teens don’t get the important information they need to prevent pregnancy and/or STDs and create a safe school environment for all students.
We need to make our leaders aware of these problems in schools and try to get them to do something about it.

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