“You’re a Sex Therapist? Does that Mean You have Sex With Your Clients?” Part 2: What IS Sex Therapy and How to Find a Sex Therapist

By Kumar Gnanajothi


Part one explained what those letters mean and how to obtain sex therapy certification. Part two will focus on how a certified sex therapist differs from a therapist with no additional training. (Please note that many therapists may be completing training for sex therapy, but cannot use the letters CST until they complete the requirements for certification.)

Again, no, I (or other sex therapists) do not engage in sexual relations with clients.

A certified sex therapist (or sex therapist under supervision/in training) has completed specific training with workshops and supervision devoted to sexuality including but not limited to:

  • sexual orientation and behaviors

  • medical conditions impacting sexuality

  • ethical practices

  • anatomy

  • sexual functioning

  • sexual practices and lifestyles

  • sexual health

Next, we’ll look at tips on how to research and find a sex therapist. View More Click here ..

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