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Looking for a family, marriage or sexual health therapist or professionals? Use this page to search for therapist, counselors and medical professionals who have appeared on Sex-ED102TV or Radio talk show/or have worked with guests from the show. If there is a medical professional that you’ve seen on the show but can’t find in our database, e-mail us and let us know! If you are looking for treatment centers or additional help resources, visit our Resources Page.


Andrea Markum,MA ,MBA, CASM                                                                                   

Wellspring Living   Counseling Center                                                                                  

Atlanta, Georgia 30083                                                                                                            

 Phone: 832.410.4156                                                                                                        *


Beth Ziegler, LPC, RYT                                                                                                           

Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Yoga Therapist

1708 Peachtree Street, Suite 500
Atlanta, GA 30309

Keba Richmond-Green, Counselor

 4000 Dunwoody Park  Ste'., 2103

Atlanta, GA 30338

 (404) 285-7863                                                                                                                                     

Mikaela Corlette-Black, LAPC                                                                                               

The Relationship Wellness Center

2801 Buford Highway, NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30329
(404) 832-0604


Michele Clark                                                                                                                               

Certified Holistic Health Coach

Midtown Psychotherapy Assoc.
1708 Peachtree Street Ste 500
Atlanta, GA
Cell: 404.406.2844

Tom Query, M.Div., LPC ,Director 

Professional Counselor, Supervisor

  2 Locations: Roswell and Decatur, Georgia 


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