Sex And Holiday Stress

Sex And Holiday Stress Don’t Always Mix

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a reset button on holiday stress-induced tension and conflict? The holidays aren’t always that sexy “It’s a challenge because holidays are stressful, and there are all these demands on you,”

Mark Michaels who, with his partner Patricia Johnson, wrote a book on the complicated art of sex and mating, titled Designer Relationships. Michaels say – “If you wait for the mood to hit, you can wait and wait and wait,” Johnson says of this most magical time of the year. “You’re talking about high-pressure situations.”

Reports on Condom sales show that sales double in the week before Christmas, short of stuffing your sweetie’s stocking full of lube, try these tips for making sure your sex life doesn’t suffer this holiday season.

1. Squeeze in an hour to make love ( It’s important to let go of the idea that sex needs to be some epic all-nighter, say Michaels and Johnson.)
2. Make up your own holiday-centered inside jokes with your significant other. “Inside jokes are always very powerful,“ agrees Johnson. “Even if you can’t touch, eye-gazing from across the room can set the mood for later on.”
3. Make an R-rated play date.
4. Go back to your late high school/college days’ – Sneak a quickie in while the relatives are down-stairs or in the next room. “Think of it like you’re back in high school and you have to be quiet.” Or for the exhibitionists out there, the excitement of potentially getting caught could be tantalizing.

Ultimately, it might just be the most selfless thing you can do. Why? Because a calmer and sex-satisfied you is likely going to lead to a happier everyone else this hectic season. And that’s a gift that everyone can enjoy.


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