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Welcome to Sex-ED102TV, created and produced by Saxy Butler and Executive Producers Allen J. Williams, A.S. Butler and Marion Y. Thomas.  It's a new captivating talk show that shares insight surrounding the important issues of love, sex and relationships.  We are aired weekly on iHeartRadio, Love 860AM and Beasley Media Group and to be televised on CW69.  We are livestreaming weekly  via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and right here on our website.  Sex-ED102TV/Radio consists of frank and open dialogues about love, sex and relationships and featured on our weekly podcast. Get your updates, and breaking news all on Sex-ED102TV/Radio.  The fun daytime talk show featuring expert therapist, counselors doctors and sexologist covering your Sexual Health care issues and more.  Plus tips on romance, marriage, cooking, travel and so much more. Tune in weekly, It's just what the doctor ordered.  

Saxy Butler, MPH, SHE (aka SaxyB) is the our Sexual Healthcare Educator and Host on Sex-ED102 TV/Radio Talk Show, the comedienne, host and Producer is known for her blunt humor and abrasiveness, and she is definitely not afraid to say whatever is on her mind. A subtly guiding presence, SaxyB serves as the moderator on Sex-ED102 TV/Radio Talk Show panel, without appearing domineering or pushy.  As the host SaxyB is grounded enough to keep things from getting too personal and she is able to laugh off many disputes and edgy subjects with a well-timed jokes.  Saxy holds a MPH in Epidemiology, AA in Business Marketing and Certification in Television and Radio production.  For over 5 years Saxy Butler has provided sexual health care education for individuals married, married with children, dating and divorcees.  SaxyB is known for cultivating healthier and happier relationships which helps cultivate healthier and happier communities.  She prides herself on creativity, strategy and complete professionalism. SaxyB has a one-of-a-kind style of service that’s truly unmatched in the industry and shown true in her daily activities of Community Service, Events/Study Groups, Marketing and Promotions.  With International appeal, SaxyB is becoming a phenomenal success in Media and the Sexual Healthcare industry.

Tune in via television, radio or internet.  SaxyB and her invited experts provides tips, updates and breaking news that will help your love life.  Our talk show features news, travel, fashion, cooking and educational segments.  Join in on the fun, informative and entertainment show.  

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It's time to graduate to a talk shows with both essential ingredient of daytime tv and radio, with more topics on love, sex and relationships.         We provide traditional informative and clinical information surrounding your issues of love, sex and relationships, incorporating your Sexual Health care tips, updates 

and breaking news.


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